Jamberry Nail Polish: Tropic

I have never used a Jamberry polish before, so I figured I’d give one a try. A friend of mine sells, so I thought I’d help her business out and give an honest review of the polish. 

I prepped my poor nubbins (they’re abused for nail school and an allergy to OPI Thin Set) using OPI Nail Envy and Ridge Filler to try and hide any roughness from my weakened nails. 

One coat of “Tropic” Jamberry nail lacquer. 

So, this is one coat.  Great pigmentation, but the formula is super thin and flooded my cuticles.  There was more clean-up then I had anticipated.  The brush is wide – definitely a great application brush – but with such a thin formula a smaller brush may have helped decrease the flooding of the nail over the base coat. 

Two coats of “Tropic” Jamberry nail lacquer, and HK Girl top coat. 

Two coats covered any thin spots and smoothed out the coverage.  I also found the polish stuck better to itself, so flooding wasn’t an issue on the second coat.  Dries semi-matte, so I was very pleased with the dry time; each coat took 2-3 minutes.  I wasn’t able to wrap my free edges seeing as I don’t have any, so I finished with a top coat.  I used Glisten & Glow HK Girl. 

Jamberry nail lacquers retail for $15 each. For such a hefty price tag, I was expecting a better polish.  Overall, I’d say this polish is a 3/5.  Drying time, pigmentation, and the application brush helped keep my rating higher.  I may change my rating based upon the wear; I’ll edit this post in a week and insert a photo after regular wear. 


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