COLORS! Collection 2020 by Native War Paints

I have swatches of the latest Native War Paints collection to share with you today. These were sent to me in PR, but I always give my honest opinion regardless of whether I purchase the products myself or if they were sent to me.

The COLORS! collection is making a return after a three year hiatus! All colors were reformulated to be more opaque, and they watermarble! Each swatch is topped with top coat. The amount of coats needed will be mentioned for each polish.

First up, we have Amanda Loves Betsey. This polish is a neon pastel pink with a green shimmer. I needed 3 coats for opacity. This polish is very bright; definitely a great pink for summer!

1990’s Lipstick is a neon pastel coral with blue shimmer. I needed 4 coats for opacity. This polish definitely reminded me of a lipstick I had from AVON when I was in middle school. A great nostalgic color for spring!

Orange Dreamsicle is a neon pastel orange with purple shimmer. This needed 4 coats for opacity, and it is such a chameleon shade. It is very bright, but it also changes depending on your lighting. This was one of my favorite shades to wear on its own.

Drops of Sunshine is a neon pastel yellow with red shimmer. 4 coats needed for opacity, and is most certainly your “highlighter” shade. This will be great for summer as well. Super bright and fun!

Honeydew Smoothies is a neon pastel green with copper shimmer. This polish needed 4 coats as well. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, and very bright for spring and summer. I fell in love with this shade. Such a beautiful green.

Bird’s Nest in the Mailbox is a neon pastel teal with gold shimmer. This shade was reformulated to be more blue leaning teal than its previous version. I needed 3 coats for opacity. By far, this is my favorite polish of the collection. I plan on using this for Easter and spring nail art.

Bouquet of Lilacs is a neon pastel purple with orange shimmer. I needed 3 coats for opacity, and I really enjoyed this polish. Perfect for spring but bright enough to join you for summer. Such a beautiful purple polish!

Native War Paints polishes have always made watermarbling easy, and this collection is no exception. Below are samples of watermarble art I did with these polishes. The base for my nail art is 2 coats of China Glaze “Blanc Out.”

These polishes are available for PREORDER. $8.00 each or $55.00 for the collection from 2/28 through 3/8, and then they will be the normal pricing of $9.00 each or $60.00 for the collection. You can use code GR6MGTZM0Z to save on your order.

Native War Paints Reading Rainbow Collection


Today I have swatches of the Reading Rainbow collection from Native War Paints.  Amanda was gracious enough to send these to me in PR, but all opinions are my own and I was not under obligation to give a positive review.

This collection of polishes are all jellies with holographic glitters.  They dry quickly and shiny, but all swatches were topped with top coat.

“Clifford the Big Red Dog” is a red jelly base with red holographic glitter.  I applied two coats, but I think a third coat would actually deepen the red even more making this polish more the actual color of Clifford.  This is definitely a polish Emily Elizabeth would love!


“The Big Orange Splot” is an orange jelly base with orange holographic glitter.  Even after 3 coats it was a little sheer, but I think this would be great for a gradient or you could layer this over an orange polish.  I feel this polish is definitely a color from Mr. Plumbean’s dreams.


“Yellow Yellow” is a yellow jelly base with gold holographic glitters.  This is another sheer polish, but I found this one to be extremely gorgeous on the nails.  I feel this would be great for nail art or for a spring-into-summer transition shade because it is so bright and cheery.  I get really strong lemon vibes from this, and I rather enjoyed wearing this shade.  It’s just as beautiful as the drawings by Mark Alan Stamaty in Frank Asch’s book.


“Green Eggs and Ham” is a green jelly base with green holographic glitter.  This was another two coat polish, and was very chameleon.  Depending on the lighting, this polish can be a bright green (like my photos) to a deep, emerald green.  The holographic glitters stood out amazingly well in this polish, too.  Thankfully, this polish doesn’t make me want to scarf down any green eggs or ham.  It just makes me want to snuggle with my little boy and enjoy Dr. Seuss books.


“One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” is a blue jelly base with blue holographic glitter.  Not only is this polish perfect for the Pantone Color of the Year, but it is the most opaque of these polishes and holy cow – does she shine!!!  This beauty was opaque in two coats, and reminds me of sapphires or the Hope Diamond.  I just wish this shade of blue was more prevalent in the book, which I also enjoyed as a kid and sharing with my children now.


“Harold and the Purple Crayon” is a purple jelly base with violet holographic glitter.  Purples are one of my favorite colors to wear on my nails, and this one is no exception.  I had to do three coats to cover any nail line, but the color deepened with each thin coat so I definitely recommend three for this beauty.  The glow that comes out of this one is like none of the other polishes.  I hope my photos did this polish justice.  This polish makes me feel like I have the power to do anything, just like Harold.  A great polish indeed!


These polishes will be available on Friday, January 24th, on the site.  This collection retails for $10 each or you can get the entire collection for $55.  You can use code GR6MgtZM0z for 10% off your order.  It is not an affiliate code, it just lets the brand know you came to them from this blog post.  

Did you have any favorites?  Will you be picking up any from this collection?


Links to the books these polishes are based on:
Clifford the Big Red Dog
The Big Orange Splot
Yellow Yellow
Green Eggs and Ham
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
Harold and the Purple Crayon

NWP: Afternoon Snack 2019

Native War Paints is re-releasing their first collection, but with updated formulas.  This beautiful collection will be released on March 29, 2019 at 12pm EST.  Let’s dive in to the swatches, shall we?

Green Smoothie 2019 is a green crelly with multiple green glitters, turquoise glitter, green and teal hearts, and a turquoise shimmer.  Opaque in 2-3 coats depending on application and preference.  Top coat is recommended for a smooth appearance.  Removal will be difficult because it is a crelly.  For easier removal, I recommend a peel-off base coat.  Retails for $10 USD.

Original Green Smoothie

3 coats of Green Smoothie 2019

Green Smoothie 2019 in natural lighting

Grape Slushie 2019 is a holographic purple multichrome that shifts from violet to red to orange to gold.  This is opaque in 2 coats.  Typical polish removal with this one.  Retails for $13 USD.

Original Grape Slushie

2 coats of Grape Slushie 2019

Grape Slushie 2019 in sunlight

Marshmallows in Milk 2019 is probably the most reformulated of this collection.  Originally it was a topper, but Amanda has brought this one back as a crelly.  This is a mixture of holographic gold glitters, pink hearts, yellow stars, lavender triangles, green clovers, and blue moons in a white crelly base.  Honestly, this is Lucky Charms™ in a bottle and I love it!  Opaque in 2-3 coats depending on preference.  This one was a bit more tricky with application; I had to let this one sit upside down for 10 minutes to get a good mix of the glitters to transfer to my nails.  Don’t worry about glitter application on your first coat.  Focus on glitter placements on the second and third coats.  I recommend peel-off base coat and top coat to smooth out the glitters.  This will retail for $10 USD.

Original Marshmallows in Milk over Original Grape Slushie

3 coats Marshmallows in Milk 2019

Marshmallows in Milk 2019 in natural lighting

Raspberry Vinaigrette 2019 is a bright pink jelly with a blue shimmer, hot pink micro flakies, and purple to blue aurora pigments.  Opaque in 2-3 coats, and will retail for $12 USD.  This dries matte so I recommend a shiny top coat.  There is typical removal with this polish.

Original Raspberry Vinaigrette

2 coats of Raspberry Vinaigrette 2019

Raspberry Vinaigrette 2019 in sunlight

Raspberry Vinaigrette 2019 in natural lighting

Salad Mix 2019 is a topper with metallic green shredded glitter, holographic green glitter, red dots, yellow flowers, and blue hearts.  I highly recommend 1-2 coats of thick top coat to smooth out the glitters.  The shredded glitters have the tendency to stick up so pay attention during placement to avoid poking pieces.  Use a peel-off base coat for easier removal.  This topper retails for $10 USD.

Original Salad Mix over OPI “Did It On ‘Em”

1 coat of Salad Mix 2019 over Raspberry Vinaigrette 2019

Salad Mix 2019 in natural lighting

Salad Mix 2019 in sunlight

My favorites from the collection would have to be Raspberry Vinaigrette 2019 topped with Salad Mix 2019.  I do love all of the polishes, but that combination was absolutely captivating!

You can purchase the polishes individually or the entire collection for $50 USD here.

What are your favorites?  Will you be purchasing any of these?  Let me know in the comments below!

**Featured image is by @beckiesbottleimages on Instagram**

NWP Polish of the Month: January

Amanda and Brian are at it again! This year is the year of shimmer. Every month a new polish will be released, and each will have a beautiful shimmer. They have mentioned there will be unique formulations ranging from crelly to thermal to holographic and more. I can’t wait to see what shimmers are in store for us this year!

January’s polish is a beautiful mid-toned purple with a shifty shimmer that shifts from gold to green, and also has scattered holographic microglitters. This formula was opaque in two coats, and I experienced magnificent wear time with this polish. I wore this polish for 7+ days and only had minimal tip wear.

All photos shown are of 2 coats applied over KBShimmer’s “Basic Training” base coat and topped with SuperChic Lacquer’s Marvel Liquid Macro top coat. This polish was very hard to photograph, and depending on lighting will appear differently. I’m sorry my photos don’t quite capture the beauty of this polish. I did the best I could without editing my photos.

This polish will be available until 11:59pm January 31st EST on the NWP website and retails for $10. Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram for more information on upcoming sales and collections.